After a hard day spend in work ,the first thing you would like to do is cuddle up on your sofa browsing the T V chanels. You Feel much relaxed and cozy after all day tired work.Dust, sand and stains all make polluted your sofa. Expert advice to clean sofa once in 6 months not for make it clean but also it is necssery to extend its life, and getting sofa cleaning services in dubai from us can get you on ease. MFW Cleaning company is based on professional and expert team of sofa cleaning services in dubai.We have good and ecofriendly chamical to remove the stains and also make it sanitize for your good health as well. There are lot of companies in this field but mostly does not have an idea of cleaning a sofa properly and to use right chamical and the result they destroy your prcious sofa. We not just provide our best sofa cleaning services in dubai, but all over UAE with quality services and cheap prices

Our staff is fully trained in all sofa cleaning services. If at any time any specific instructions are handed over we will follow instructions provided.
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What is Process? Details Below

  • Ist our professional check the sofa and idea his conditon .
  • For the fabrics and leather is two doffernt material of making sofa also required differnt chemical and stuff for cleaning process.
  • Our professional starts with high and industrial vaccume to remove dust and sands from the sofa.
  • After this a twin motor vaccume throw water with mixing quality chamicel use to remove the stains.
  • Ahigh pressure industrial vaccume suck all the dust and exsiting water from the sofa.
  • Steam machine use to make sanitize and hygeine and it also helps to dry very fast.
  • After using all process sofa will be dry in 3-4 hours.

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